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Our values explain who we are, what we mean, how we achieve and where we strive to go. It establishes a common understanding not only for us, but for everyone who is in contact or interaction with us.



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Dream Job

The workspace is our mind, and a PC.


We are loyal and upstanding to the end.

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The Process

Agile mindset. Learn how we work.

Core Values

Integrity & Trust

We respect and appreciate trust. We stand by truth even if we are at fault, because a lie hurts the one who tells it.

High Performance

Our net worth is not the money we make, but our ability to tap into our fullest potential. It’s crucial for us to max out.

High Quality Business

One of our highest priorities is the recruitment of passionate professionals. It takes one to know one, so we find them easily.


We are constantly aware of the fact that we don’t take a single penny with us to the grave. So, we make excellent partners.


We envision ourselves, as an outstanding billion-dollar tech company with the ability to create drastic improvements in the world.

Operational Excellence

We excel in our field by constantly striving to be experts in all the movements; from creation of concept, to delivery of the product.

Headquarters in the heart of Norway

Connected with creative designers and developers from all over the world.

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