Housing Calculator Mobile App

Housing calculator is the app for you who simply want to calculate how much you can buy a home for, and in addition calculate how large the housing costs will be from month to month.


Calculate your housing costs.

We help you check what it costs to own a home every month. In the app, you can actively get help to calculate costs for each unique home that has its own unique calculation.


What can I buy a home for?

We help you understand and calculate what you can buy a home for. In the app you can enter your numbers to check out your options.


Get my financing certificate.

Get in touch with a bank that will help you get a financing certificate. If you need financing proof, you need to prove that you have the financing in place when you submit a bid for a home. We also try to help you with good loan terms related to your financing certificate.

Get started with buying a home.

We put you in touch with a bank adviser who can help you financing certificate or an updated loan offer with competitive terms.

What we delivered.


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UI & UX Design

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