Marketing material.

Being “brand consistent” is being loyal to the brand’s core strategy and always expressing through a set of patterns. We design online ads, brochures, flyers, rollups, and more.

Concretize mighty visions.

Concretize mighty visions.


Create, enhance, or otherwise edit images, artwork, and illustrations.


Capture creative visions with shapes, colors, effects, and typography.


Create flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers & business cards.


Create prototypes. Collab, test and experiment with design.

Deep user-understanding.

"The team in FantasyLab is highly competent and distinguishes itself through flexibility, speed and good understanding of the users. They are very nice to work with."
Cato Backer
CEO, Avollon AS

Order & delivery.

Mapping of requirements.

We ask a ton of questions, investigate and act as detectives on a crime scene.


Time and cost is made up of knowledge, scope of work and previous experiences.

Proposal & agreement.

The offer is made along with FantasyLab’s terms and conditions.

Design process.

We tap into our great ability to communicate and collab with all teams.

Development process.

We abide by a set of golden rules created from years of research and intent.


We take great pride in correct delivery, and always strive to optimize our ways.

Our experience from different industries.


2+ projects


1 project


3+ projects


5+ projects

Real Estate

2+ projects


15+ projects


3+ projects


3+ projects

Project investment.

Feel free to create anything.


Design custom newsletter templates.

Banner ads.

Design all types of custom banners.

Blog graphics.

Design from scratch or existing structure.

Website graphics.

Design from scratch or existing structure.

SoMe graphics.

Design from scratch or existing structure.

E-mail graphics.

Design from scratch or existing structure.