A world of consulting. Communicate by chat, call, or video.

Professional knowledge is available within moments. Welcome to the future. We provide clients and online consultants a platform to communicate directly and explore whatever that is on the mind.

Discover Consultants

Imagine the power of having so much knowledge and expertise available within no time. Explore our database and discover specialists by country, rating, price, and more.


My Sessions

Speak with a consultant before starting any session. Choose the estimated amount of time needed, and get started. Consultant and chat – history is made available through My Sessions.


My Wallet

Use a credit card to purchase a positive balance for My Wallet. Use balance to start chat, call, or video sessions with professional, online consultants. Also, gain access to transaction history.


My Profile

Create, maintain, and control the profile. As an end-user, set up a profile that expresses needs or promotes expertise. Add relevant information, so potential clients or consultants can get a good understanding before engaging.


My Transactions

Get a complete overview of your chat, call or video sessions with a customer or a consultant. Choose a desired budget for your session, and always keep track of your spendings and earnings.

Join the platform

Clients from all over the world can GotoConsult and connect with online consultants from various professions such as psychologists, doctors, lawyers, and more.

We made our application after extensive research, with the sole purpose of making it a secure platform for clients and online consultants to connect fast and easy to solve whatever issue.

What we delivered.


Web Development

PC software is yesterday’s news. Welcome to the Golden Age of awesome, smartphone friendly apps.


UI & UX Design

Imagine the nav-panel inside an advanced spacecraft. We crave the same elegance.

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