WordPress quality care.

A WordPress site needs dedicated attention & maintenance due to constant development from third parties, Google site requirements, security measurements, and a positive end-user experience.

Safe Operations.

Daily backups.

Regular data backups.

Spam protection.

Extra security for emails, comment fields and forms.

Security measures.

Preventing the risk of hacking and unauthorized access.

System updates.

Regular update performance.

Functionality test.

Always making sure that everything works.

Plugin updates.

Regular plugin updates.

Dedicated resources. High security. Fast page load.

We love green checkmarks. It creates flow. We love flow.

WordPress updates.

Themes and plugins. Photo and content edit.


Structural. Main menu, navigation and forms.

System updates.

Performance and maintenance.


Quick and in-depth break/fix support.

New features.

Implementations according to requirements. 


Fixing errors that cause Google to raise flags.


For safety and security.


Optimize images and content for overall performance.

Avoid the negative side.

Three critical incidents that can happen if safe operations are not performed regularly.

1. Reduced potential.

Google limits traffic to website. Potential traffic searching for your business is redirected to your competition instead.


  • Lower rankings on keywords.
  • Reduced traffic from Google.
  • Losing potential customers.

2. Google sanctions.

High speed is essential for the “Google score” and for a great user experience. Low speed sites are punished with sanctions.


  • Bad user experience.
  • Fewer conversions.
  • Losing potential customers.

3. Unauthorized.

A general lack of safe operations leaves the site open to hacking and unauthorized access. Like outdated software and missing updates.


  • Spam & Junk Email.
  • Risk of downtime and viruses.
  • Losing potential customers.


We ask a ton of questions, investigate and act as detectives on a crime scene.

Order WordPress quality care.

Our service agreement is made from years of experience and covers all requirements.

Professional team.

Contact us when experiencing issues. Send us a request for support and we’ll help out.

Easy to order.

Fill out our form. Choose a plan. Share all necessary access. Done.

Safe operations.

Add your WordPress website to our environment. We do weekly routines for maintenance.

Two hours dedicated support.

Our enterprise plan allows you to send us requests for dedicated support up to two hours.

No technical knowledge required.

Put your attention and focus elsewhere. Leave all the technicalities to us. It’s why we exist.

Excellence, always.

Powerful routines for smoothest site operation.

We want business owners and employees to spend their time on what they are really good at. When you decide to outsource the operation of your website, you free up the capacity of your business.

Security routines

Steps taken by FantasyLab

There are a few mandatory steps in our malware removal process which will be completed by our Support team.

  • Full inspection and deep scan of site.
  • The WordPress core will be reinstalled.
  • SFTP, SSH, and database passwords will change.
  • If we discover infections in your site’s plugins or themes we will remove the infected components from the site.

Steps you will need to take

These steps should be taken within one business day after we request that they be taken.

  • Update all plugins, themes, and the WordPress core.
  • Review all WordPress admin users and delete any that are unused or that you don’t recognize.
  • Update all WordPress admin user passwords.
  • Additional site-specific instructions based on the nature of the infection.

Update routines

WordPress updates

Updates are grouped into four categories:

  • Core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • Translation files updates

All necessary updates are performed regularly and automatically on your WooCommerce store each month. We make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Core updates

Core updates are grouped into three categories:

  • Core development
  • Minor core update
  • Major core updates

Minor releases are automatically installed by default and include security patches, maintenance, and translation updates. Major core updates are upgrades containing new features and bug fixes.

Backup routines

Automated backups

Automatic backups of your WooCommerce store is performed every 24 hours. These backups will be stored for 20 days, and can be restored at any point.

We can also create manual backups, or send backups to external platforms such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Platform. Contact us for pricing.

Custom backup

Backups will be created every 6 hours and available for 24 hours, providing four additional restore points over the last day. Ideal for websites that change frequently.

Backups created every hour and available for 24 hours, providing 24 additional restore points over the last day. Ideal for ecommerce stores. Contact us for pricing.

Support routines

Free support

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We are available on phone, email and chat from Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00. You can also expect us to reply outside of opening hours and at late night.

Custom development

For custom development and plugin integrations we operate with hourly rate on NOK 900,- where we create clear requirements, estimate work and set realistic deadlines.

Project investment.

Project investment.

Delegate what you don’t know, to people who know.


Basic safe operations for WordPress websites.
NOK 499,- pr. month
  • Framework update.
  • Update features.
  • Spam & hackproof.
  • Daily backup.
  • Content publishing.
  • Code changes.
  • 2 hours support.


Safe operations, adjustments & dedicated support.
NOK 999,- pr. month
  • Framework update.
  • Update features.
  • Spam & hackproof.
  • Daily backup.
  • Content publishing.
  • Code changes.
  • 2 hours support.